We back in the saddle rambling about all of the sports stuff we didn't podcast about during covid

Digital Daron Podcast

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Completely forgot that the Falcons play in the Hall of Fame game in 5 days so we decided to do a quick podcast about our thoughts on Hall of Fame game and our expectations on the Falcons playing in the game.  

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Digital Daron Podcast

We don't get to talk NBA as much as we would like so we cram all of our thoughts into the latest edition of random ramblings.

Digital Daron Podcast

Since the Falcons were on a bye we blend an Outtakes & Bloopers with a Random Rambling of Randomness and get a complete NFL conversation about Kirk Cousins real worth and quaterbacking in todays NFL 

Digital Daron Podcast
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Calhoun joins us to chop it up about the major sports happenings while we have been away.  Sorry for the lack of podcast we are back at it


Digital Daron Podcast

Calhoun continues his Love Series with his hallmark theory he taught us some 15 years ago:  The Evolution of a B*@ch.  Listen as Calhoun provides a timeline that turns females into bi**hes.

In a No Holds Barred podcast, Daron & Calhoun square off about the pros/cons of dating vs tricking while Mr. MOB referees this funny adult podcast

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With a long layoff from podcasting and some interesting stories, Double R and Lennis F. joins us to do a rambling on whats up in the sports world (Image courtesy of www.nba.com)
Digital Daron Podcast
Lennis F.
Double R
Digital Daron

Note we are moving our old podcasts to a new system

Its a Holiday Edition of Random Ramblings of Randomness, where E.S. Lee and Calhoun discuss important topics like what gifts to get the side kids and do you get your side chick a gift. (Image courtesy of HelloBeautiful.com)


Note We are moving old episodes to a new system

In his initial podcast, E.S. Lee introduces us to his Random Ramblings of Randomness, which leaves both him and Digital Daron laughing hysterically. 

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