Once a month we have decided to do a podcast with our Patreon listeners where we talk about whats going on in our family's personal life.  This is a preview of the first one where we talk about the challenges of house hunting.  



In this preview podcast, with all thats going on in the NFL and more specifically the NFC South we ask the question, should the Falcons hold'em or fold'em

Digital Daron Podcast

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Always late to the party, Daron and Calhoun preview SuperBowl LIV

Digital Daron Podcast

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A preview of our Patreon podcast where we talk black qbs along with ranking them.  We also talk the future of the black qb.  Please check out our Patreon

Digital Daron Podcast

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Double R and Daron start #falconsfootballweek with their annual Atlanta Falcons record prediction.

Digital Daron Podcast
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We preview the NFL Elimidate style

Digital Daron Podcast

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This is a snippet from our Patreon Podcast.  You can support and listen here

Calhoun drops by to talk Ayesha Curry



Digital Daron Podcast

Hey #Atlanta #falcons fans we kick off riseup week/ falcons football week with our 5th annual Double R and Digital Daron predict the Falcons record.  Last year Double R predicted the Falcons exact record and Daron was 1 game off.  Will it be a good year for the Falcons, listen and see what the guys think


Digital Daron Podcast

Fun podcast where we preview the NFL season using an Elimidate format.  Who gets axed early and who makes the cut.

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Digital Daron Podcast


Calhoun and Double R join us to help preview the SuperBowl, which honestly most here in Atlanta don't care about

Digital Daron Podcast

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