We wrap up our version of "Top 5" with Samedy, Calhoun, Daron and Cash Carter giving their top 3.  who is the greatest of all time
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In our version of "Top 5", Samedy, Calhoun, Daron and new guest Cash Carter discuss their top 5 microphone controllers (mcs) of all-time.  In this 1st part we talk mcs 4,5, and the 6th man
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Samedy joins us to celebrate the greatness of Pimp C & Bun B better known as Ugk.  We take an in depth look at all of their studio albums and discuss the impact they had on both the south and rap in general

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The guys pick the final rounds of the southern rap draft and give a few free agents/ honorable mentions

In the second part of a three part series, the guys draft rounds 5-7 for the southern cd rap anthology
Digital Daron Podcast
 In the second podcast of the Southern Rap Anthology Series, Calhoun Jay Ferarri, and Mr MOB draft the best/most influential southern rap albums of our time.  This 1st Podcast is rounds 1-4

In part #1 of The Southern Rap Anthology, Jay Ferrari and Mr MOB talk about the Mount Rushmore  of people who have helped shaped rap in the south.  

We are moving old podcasts to a new system

This is the beginning of our Music Matchup Podcasts.  These podcasts will pit the very best artists/groups/albums against each other.  In our 1st matchup we look at 2 ICONIC groups and albums UGK's Riding Dirty vs Eigthball & MJG Coming Out Hard.  The only losers here are the people who have never heard this great music.

We want to hear from you about your thoughts on these albums and the next Music Matchup you want to hear.  Email us digitaldaron@gmail.com *Images Courtesy of Suave House/Jive/Wikipedia(

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