Happy New Year!!! we start the year off with running a #podcast from our Patreon where Calhoun talks about his disdain for Christmas.

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It's that time of year again.  We add another volume to Calhoun's Love Series.  This Valentines Day we let Calhoun unload on the fairer sex and what he thinks is wrong with dating in 2019.

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June 4, 2018

Episode #207 - #MeToo

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Calhoun stops by to give his thoughts on the #metoo movement and the fine line between being a victim and being the woman who cried wolf.

Digital Daron Podcast
September 28, 2017

Episode #195 - Kneel or Stand


Calhoun joins us to talk about the battle between the NFL vs Potus and the fallout from this battle


Digital Daron Podcast

Image courtesy of totalprosports.com


Even though football season is coming we get to sneak in a love/relationships/dating podcast.  Calhoun joins us to talk about difference between the hashtag black love and the reality of dating black in Atlanta

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With the biggest boss dropping his nineth album, we discuss his place in rap history.

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Calhoun and Daron discuss the general misconceptions we have when we catergorize the opposite sex: calling women b's and men mfbs when they may be flawed our need another label to correctly describe them.

Digital Daron Podcast


Calhoun stops by to talk about the stunning upset Donald Trump pulled over Hillary Clinton.  Is it really a bad thing?  Where does the country go from here?

(Image courtesy of cnn.com)

Digital Daron Podcast

Calhoun stops and helps us hash out one of our hallmark theories: The D.A.T.E. formula. How dateable is someone.  We give you a formula that helps give you their date number

D.A.T.E. # = Personality + Kids + Career/Education + Past  + Looks

Category Score Range Description
Personality 1-30 The higher the better
Kids -infinity-30 Start @ 30 and deduct 10 pts for each kid. this can be a negative # (i.e. 4 kids is a -10)
Career &/or Education 1-20 The higher the better
Past 1-15 Start @15 and deduct points accordingly
Looks 1-5 (rank from 1-10 & divide by 2 ) The higher the better


Calhoun and Daron talk about the recent killings in the USA. Is it fixable and what can/needs to be done to fix the issue

(image courtesy of USAToday and Gannett)

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