We continue Falcons Football Week/Rise Up Week with this real question.  Is Dan Quinn the man to lead the Falcons to the championship.

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In this part 2 (which is a reply of episode 205) we discuss the ramifications (if any) of paying Matt Ryan 30 million a year.  

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This is a partial replay of episode #204, the 30 million a year club.  In part 1 we talk about why the Falcons should/could/would pay Matt Ryan 30 million an year.  Is he worth it? Are they thinkning rationally? Whose to blame for this current state of affairs?

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Now that the Falcons have signed Matt Ryan to 30 million/year contract, is it worth it or a death sentence?

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In this $100,000,000.00 a year problem part 2, we talk about the latest trend in the NFL, paying a player thirty million dollars a year.  We discuss who deserves it and when will it end. (Image courtesy of fivethirtyeight.com.


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September 22, 2017

Episode #193 - NFL The 0-fors


We return with this lite version of picks and kicks.  Double R and MC Soda man talk about the NFL 0-for teams.  Whose done and who just needs to a little luck to get back on track

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 A parade of guests stop by to congratulate on 100 episodes, reminisce & talk about the future of digitaldaron.com 

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In the return of NCAA Picks N Kicks, Lennis F, Double R, Sodaman & more talk about the rise of Mississippi and the fall of this undefeateds in College Football

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NFL College Total
Digital Daron Podcast - - -
Digital Daron 41-35   7-4 48-39
Calhoun 38-23 38-23
Lennis F.   6-5 6-5
Double R 37-25     - 37-25
Mr MOB 31-13    - 31-13
Bay Bay 11-5    - 11-5
Major 7-9     - 7-9

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A full cast joins us to talk Lebron and His return home.

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Digital Daron
Double R
Lennis F

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