Hey #Atlanta #falcons fans we kick off riseup week/ falcons football week with our 5th annual Double R and Digital Daron predict the Falcons record.  Last year Double R predicted the Falcons exact record and Daron was 1 game off.  Will it be a good year for the Falcons, listen and see what the guys think


Digital Daron Podcast

Fun podcast where we preview the NFL season using an Elimidate format.  Who gets axed early and who makes the cut.

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Digital Daron Podcast


Calhoun and Double R join us to help preview the SuperBowl, which honestly most here in Atlanta don't care about

Digital Daron Podcast

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Arc_Chill, Daron and Sam D preview the Superbowl with the Falcons vs the Patriots.  Do the Falcons have what it takes to bring the trophy home?

Digital Daron Podcast


Lennis F, Double R and Dale help us preview the 2016 NFL Season with our tried and true steakhouse comparison

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Digital Daron Podcast


To finish off #FalconsFootballWeek/#RiseupWeek series of #podcasts we replay one of our #epic #podcast: Episode #78  The Thomas Dimitroff Report Card.  Double R & Calhoun give their thoughts on GM Dimitroff while Daron is stuck in the unenviable position of defending Mr. Dimitroff.
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As #Riseupweek/#FalconsFootballWeek rolls on we do a thorough investigation of the trade to get Julio Jones.  Julio has been a great Falcon but was it really worth it?
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Happy #RiseupWeek #FalconsFootballWeek!!! 
We start off #RiseupWeek #FalconsFootballWeek with the 3rd annual Double R & Digital Daron predicting the Atlanta Falcons record this year
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DigitalDaron Podcast


Calhoun helps a lazy Daron preview the upcoming NFL Football season by reusing one of our most popular gimmicks:  The steakhouse comparison.  What steakhouse tier is you favorite team in & what other surprises are in this podcast?  Listen to find out 
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DigitalDaron.com Podcast


Calhoun helps preview Superbowl XLIX and we play a game of convince me where we have to convince each other why which team will win.

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