We continue our Trigger Warning post-mortem with our thoughts on the greatest supergroup the world has never seen.

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We continue our Trigger Warning post-mortem by convering and converting to The Church of Sleepy

Digital Daron Podcast
June 4, 2018

Episode #207 - #MeToo

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Calhoun stops by to give his thoughts on the #metoo movement and the fine line between being a victim and being the woman who cried wolf.

Digital Daron Podcast

Calhoun continues his Love Series with his hallmark theory he taught us some 15 years ago:  The Evolution of a B*@ch.  Listen as Calhoun provides a timeline that turns females into bi**hes.


Mr. MOB & Calhoun join us to talk gay marriage in the USA.  
(Image courtesy of buzzfeed.com)
Digital Daron Podcast

In a No Holds Barred podcast, Daron & Calhoun square off about the pros/cons of dating vs tricking while Mr. MOB referees this funny adult podcast

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The guys pick the final rounds of the southern rap draft and give a few free agents/ honorable mentions

In the second part of a three part series, the guys draft rounds 5-7 for the southern cd rap anthology
Digital Daron Podcast
 In the second podcast of the Southern Rap Anthology Series, Calhoun Jay Ferarri, and Mr MOB draft the best/most influential southern rap albums of our time.  This 1st Podcast is rounds 1-4


We are moving our old episodes to a new system

The Boondocks is back!!! The Boondocks is back!!!  We talk to our resident Uncle Ruckus (Calhoun) about his thoughts on the show and where they should go with season 4 (Image courtesy of The Source/Cartoon Network/Adult Swim )

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