A preview of our Patreon podcast where we talk black qbs along with ranking them.  We also talk the future of the black qb.  Please check out our Patreon

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After Kaps workout situation here in our hometown Atlanta, of course we were going to do a podcast.  Major and Calhoun down Daron and his radical thinking about Kap.  

Digital Daron Podcast

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November 15, 2019

Episode #274 - Cold Cocked

Calhoun, Lennis F. and Daron talk about the incident last night between Myles Garret and Mason Rudolph.  Daron and Lennis also tell a story when a similar thing happened on their team

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You probably have heard podcasts about Antonio Brown.  You probably have heard podcasts about gentrification.  You have NEVER heard a podcast that parallels Antonio Brown with gentrification

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As always we conclude Falcons football week/ rise up week with a replay of the worst day in Atlanta sports history until they win a superbowl.  This is a replay from episode #182

F**k the Falcons, plain and simple. 

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Will Jay Z's partnership with the NFL lead to his 100th problem.

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We planned on doing an NFL preview but there was a change of plans and we talked about the state of the NFL in 2019, focusing on some of the pros & cons.


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Fun rapid reaction discussion about the democratic debate day 2. Who won/who loss and is winning really WINNING.

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This is a snippet from our Patreon Podcast.  You can support and listen here

Calhoun drops by to talk Ayesha Curry



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We talk about the community reaction from Colin Kaepernick & Eric Reid's settlement with the NFL

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