After Kaps workout situation here in our hometown Atlanta, of course we were going to do a podcast.  Major and Calhoun down Daron and his radical thinking about Kap.  

Digital Daron Podcast

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A houseful of dejected Falcons Fans talk about what the eff happened and where to go from here.

Digital Daron Podcast


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After ANOTHER loss the crew is left wondering the point of this season

Digital Daron Podcast
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A full crew talk about the devestating loss the the Cleveland Browns.  Half fo the crew wants to throw in the towel the other half wants to keep hope alive.

Digital Daron Podcast
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A full crew: Calhoun, Major, Double R and Lennis F. join Daron to talk the divisional round and can the Falcons do the unthinkable against a red hot Green Bay.


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Digital Daron Podcast

 A parade of guests stop by to congratulate on 100 episodes, reminisce & talk about the future of 

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Calhoun, Major, Mr. MOB and Bay-Bay! join us to pick week 3 NFL games and kick it about AP and the current state of the NFL.

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NFL College Total
Digital Daron Podcast    -     - -
Digital Daron 19-13    4-1 23-14
Calhoun 19-13 19-13
Lennis F. -    3-2    3-2
Double R 17-15     - 17-15

We are moving old podcast into a new system

Its a podcast orgy covering all NFL Draft topics from Manziel to Clowney to
 what the Atlanta Falcons must do in the upcoming draft (Image Courtesy of

Digital Daron Podcast
Digital Daron
Lennis F.
Double R.
Mr. M.O.B.

Note we are moving our old podcast to a new system

Merry Christmas All!!! With Christmas serving as the Unofficial Official start of the NBA season Major and Bay Bay stop by and catch us up on the NBA so far.

Besides a preview/review we come up with the Bay-Bay Allstars and you will be shocked to see who misses the cut (Image Courtesy of Images)


Note we are moving our old podcasts to a new system

Its a Holiday Edition of Random Ramblings of Randomness, where E.S. Lee and Calhoun discuss important topics like what gifts to get the side kids and do you get your side chick a gift. (Image courtesy of


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