E.S. and Calhoun start 2017 off with a bang by talking about the myths of good sex

Digital Daron Podcast
December 15, 2016

Episode #171 - Money As A Tool

Calhoun and E.S. talk about money and the role it plays in attacting the opposite sex

Digital Daron Podcast

 A parade of guests stop by to congratulate on 100 episodes, reminisce & talk about the future of digitaldaron.com 

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Note we are moving our old podcasts to a new system

Its a Holiday Edition of Random Ramblings of Randomness, where E.S. Lee and Calhoun discuss important topics like what gifts to get the side kids and do you get your side chick a gift. (Image courtesy of HelloBeautiful.com)


Note We are moving old episodes to a new system

In his initial podcast, E.S. Lee introduces us to his Random Ramblings of Randomness, which leaves both him and Digital Daron laughing hysterically. 

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