We don't get to talk NBA as much as we would like so we cram all of our thoughts into the latest edition of random ramblings.

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Calhoun and Double R join Daron to talk about the fallout from the FBI/NCAA investigation.  How will it change the NCAA and college sports for players, coaches boosters and institutions?


Digital Daron Podcast

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Double R and Calhoun join Daron to talk Lavar Ball and the new sports father.


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Digital Daron Podcast


Calhoun joins us to chop it up about the major sports happenings while we have been away.  Sorry for the lack of podcast we are back at it


Digital Daron Podcast


Calhoun and Double R join us to talk the crazy money being given in the NBA's free agency.

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Digital Daron Podcast


Calhon and Daron have a rapid reaction to Cleveland winning it all.  Congrats to the city of Cleveland


After the Hawks got swept and the Braves battling for worst mlb team ever, Calhoun had to join us to talk the sad state of Atlanta sports.

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Samedy and Calhoun discuss the Atlanta Hawks in depth.  What needs to be fixed if anything?
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Digital Daron Podcast


It's the biggest match since Mayweather Pacquiao.  Its the good guys (Atlanta Hawks) vs the evil Lebron and the Cleveland Cavs and like all big games we break this game down boxing style with the tale of the tape.

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